The Way You’ve Always Done It Isn’t Always the Way It Should Always Be Done

It’s called the, “That’s how things are done in our industry,” method, or, “That’s how things are done in our profession,” method.

When a person (at least the majority of people) first chooses to go into business… and let’s use an insurance agent as an example… they typically look around and see what everyone else is doing.

Then they arrange their office just like every other insurance office they’ve seen, they look at what everyone else is doing to market or promote their agencies, and then they adopt those same marketing plans and methods to market or promote their agencies.

And, it’s not only insurance agents who do this… it’s nearly every business in nearly every industry or profession.

But, wait a minute. Who set up that system in the first place? And who says it’s right, or that it’s the best system to use?

The fact is there are an unlimited number of methods of attracting new customers to your business, and your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Look Outside Your Industry Or Profession For Ideas You Can Adapt And Adopt

Some of the best, most productive and most cost-effective methods can be adapted from what others are doing in totally unrelated businesses.

Now, this brings up a couple of questions.

First, how observant are you? What are others who are in the same business that you’re in doing? And, how effectively are the things they’re doing working for them?

Next, look around at what other businesses… unrelated businesses in other unrelated fields, industries or professions are doing? Have you seen what’s working for them? Is there one business that just stands out, by doing something different or unusual? Or do they all pretty much use the same marketing methods?

Next question: How creative are you? Can you look at what some of the other businesses are doing, and adapt (with a few minor changes), their methods to your business?

In other words, if you were brand new… just starting in business, and had no idea of what anyone before you had done to attract new customers, what would you do? How would you go about getting new customers? Would you use the same methods you use now, or would you do something completely different?

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