The Right Way to do Content Marketing

Product driven content marketing it’s really easy to spot. Their content will be 90%+ about their products/solutions and less than 10% is about their customers. If they do talk about their customers it’s usually in the form of a case study, which mainly focuses on how much they like the products.

Customer driven content marketing is far more subtle. It focuses 90%+of the content on the customer’s problems and the customer journey and only 10% or less on the business’ solution.

Picture your prospective customer driving their car. In today’s business environment, the customer is always in control of their car.

However, our job as the content marketer is to build the road that leads them directly to your business. Remember, we are trying to facilitate the buying process and we do this by clearly understanding the journey the customer will take on their way to your business.

The following diagram from does a great job of illustrating some of the contact points you can have with your prospective customer while they are on their journey.

At each of the contact points you have a choice. You can talk about yourself (i.e., product driven) or you can talk about your customer and their journey (i.e., customer driven). Obviously, I believe the latter is far more effective!

So how does someone create customer driven content marketing?

Here’s the 90 day process I follow with every client.

The goal is to work through this process in just 90 days taking your from marketing guesswork to marketing ROI. 

Click here to meet John Callaghan and here an overview of the Customer Driven Content Marketing Roadmap