The Moving Parade

Selling your products or services is all about timing. Just because someone isn’t interested in buying the product or service today, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be interested tomorrow.

That is in essence what ‘The Moving Parade’ is all about. Let me explain this further…

Let’s say that at the moment you’re really happy with your car. You’ve got no intention of changing it. Therefore every advert, every mailing or any contact you have with a car dealer or car manufacturer is wasted on you.

Letters go in the bin without a second thought. You pick up your newspaper when the adverts come on TV. You simply aren’t interested. And nothing will prevent you at this stage from even considering changing your car.

However 3 months later your circumstances have changed. You need to do more traveling, and so you decide it’s time to look for a more suitable car.

Now every mailing, advert, or communication to do with cars is instantly given attention by you. You’re ‘in the market’ for a new car, and you develop an insatiable appetite to find out as much as you can about the cars which would suit you best.

This happens every single day when people are buying products and services. If you don’t keep in touch regularly with your prospects and customers you’ll never get ‘lucky’ with the timing – people move in and out of the market depending on changing circumstances.

By keeping in contact at least once a month, the chances that you’ll hit the prospect at the right time, are increased ten fold. You will get ‘LUCKY’!

Do this one thing and your sales and profits will increase. Do NOT take this lightly. Taking advantage of The Moving Parade is one of the simplest yet rewarding marketing strategies you can apply to your business.

This really is as simple as making sure you keep offering your products and services to your prospects and your customers.

In terms of your prospects obviously the key here is to make sure you have carefully selected your target or niche market (s) – we’ve discussed this already at length.

Then it’s only a matter of timing when a prospect will be ‘in the market’. And by continually keeping in touch with your prospects you will without take advantage of their changing circumstances…

  • Their existing supplier let’s them down in some way forcing them to change suppliers
  • They have a disagreement with their existing supplier forcing them to change
  • Their existing supplier doesn’t regularly keep in touch with them, and so advances from you means the change of supplier is an easy decision
  • Their personal circumstances change

And when it comes to customers, we have a proven method called the ‘Customer Penetration System’ which we use to ensure customers are regularly sold on products or services they don’t currently have.

All in all it adds up to another very powerful ‘marketing system’ we apply to our ‘Client Partners’.

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