New Customers Are the Life Blood Of Your Business

Get more customers. Build your customer base. Just get more prospects to buy from you and become your customers.

You see, when more people buy from you, you take in more dollars, and so you make more money. And the more people you add to your customer base the larger it becomes, and the more people you have to go back to for additional and repeat sales.

Now, it’s in this one single area where most business owners (including your competition, and probably, you, too, if you’re honest), spend most of their time, effort and money.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably realize that getting new customers is not always the easiest or most profitable thing you can do.

The reality is, most businesses only employ one or two main methods of attracting new prospects.

For example, prior to enactment of the “Do Not Call” law many insurance agents were heavy into the use telephone soliciting. And many of those calls seemed to come when unsuspecting prospects were just sitting down for dinner.

Chiropractors, car dealers and lawyers are known to advertise heavily on television… especially during the afternoon and late night hours to attract new customers.

Now, what about you? Think about your business for a minute.

Chances are, that you and your business, like every other business, also utilizes one main method of attracting new prospects. And, most likely, the method you use is the same method that nearly every other business in your industry or profession uses.

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