Meet John Callaghan

me presenting at a recent conference

Hi I’m John Callaghan. Welcome to Customer Driven Content Marketing!

I started my first business in 1994 and went from zero to $1.5 million in revenues within 3 years.  Growing that company was a blast!

We were a consulting company specializing in Sales Force Automation projects. I did the marketing, hired (and fired) sales people and did the high level business consulting. My partners ran the implementation consulting side of our business and we had a small staff of technical people who worked on our projects.

We had a great run, until September 11th 2001.

Little did I know as I watched the twin towers fall on TV that it was going to destroy my business as well.

Being based in Michigan, our primary customers were the major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. If cars are selling the auto industry is very lucrative. If cars are not selling it is a brutal industry where aggressive purchasing agents try to squeeze every penny out of a deal.

9/11 didn’t just hurt car sales, it destroyed them.

Overnight car sales dried up, dealership inventories started climbing and every auto manufacturer and supplier started canceling contracts.

Our sales went from six figures each month to zero within 30 days. We implemented our own cost cutting, laid off most of the staff and tried to ride out the storm.

Great marketing wasn’t going to solve this problem…our market was simply gone.

After 6 months, we had started to stabilize but it was obvious that the full recovery would take years. A company from outside of Michigan made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and we made the tough decision to sell the company and move on.

I was being recruited by IBM for an executive position and as much as I loved being an entrepreneur I liked the idea of having a large and regular paycheck again.

I tell you this only so that you know that I know what it’s like to lose it all. To spend years building a business only to have an unforeseen event take it away from you. To have to tell your spouse that there won’t be a paycheck this month….

Shortly after selling what was left of my company, I was having lunch with a business acquaintance who told me he was struggling to generate leads for his sales team. He knew about my marketing skills and asked if I would consider being his marketing consultant.

Being an IBM executive sounded safe…. but being a marketing consultant sounded like a lot more fun.

And with that business 2.0 was launched.

Within 3 months I had a full book of clients, had completely restored my income and was having a great time. Seventeen years later and I’m still enjoying the rewards of being an independent consultant.

Over the years I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of companies in more than a dozen industries. Along the way I’ve authored multiple business books and trained thousands of business owners and executives through conference presentations, live workshops, membership sites and online virtual workshops (thanks to Zoom!).

Clients often call on me to help them fix problems with lead generation, content marketing, marketing funnels, live presentations and dozens of other marketing activities. In 99% of the cases, the root cause of the problem is the underlying marketing message. It’s what they are saying (the message), not where they are saying it (e.g., webinar).

Unfortunately, most content marketing is too focused on the product and not focused on the customer. As a result…it is pretty much a waste of money.

To fix the content marketing for a business I have developed the Customer Driven Content Marketing Roadmap shown below.

The output from this process include items such as

  • webinars
  • live presentation scripts
  • sales letters
  • email autoresponder series
  • newsletters
  • website content
  • white papers
  • blog posts
  • magazine articles
  • case studies

It’s important for you to understand that I am not just a writer or content marketer. I am a marketing strategist who produces great content. If that is what you are looking for go to and schedule a Strategy Session. We can talk about your project, you can ask me anything you want, and then you can decide if you want to proceed.

Best wishes