Laser Beam Focus

To get the best possible results with all your strategies across each of the Business Multipliers you must be laser focused on what each element in the sales process has to achieve for them.

Unfortunately many people get confused and try to achieve more than one main objective with each of their marketing elements.

Let me explain this further…

Let’s say you send a two-page sales letter to your prospects (target market). The main objective is to generate qualified leads. You’re using a Special Report as the ‘offer’.

That’s easy enough to understand. But here’s where most people go wrong…

Remember the main objective is to get qualified leads using the Special Report. That means you need to completely focus on the Special Report and explain why your prospects should respond. That’s all that matters.

What most people do is lose this ‘Laser Beam Focus’ and try to achieve several things at once. They try to get an appointment, get the prospect to phone, and the Special Report is almost incidental. By using this ‘scatter-gun’ approach you significantly reduce response. Fewer responses mean fewer sales.

Don’t confuse the issue. Confusion in the mind of your prospect or customer results in NO ACTION.

The ad on the following page shows one of my early lead generation ads. Notice how laser focused I am on getting people (accountants) to request my free Special Report…

This is absolutely critical to the success of EVERY single strategy you launch and use for your business. Believe me it’s very easy to lose track and try and achieve more than one thing with your individual marketing strategies.

A little trick we use when creating a strategy for a ‘partner’ is to write out in big bold letters on a piece of card exactly what the single most important objective is. This gives clarity. This ensures if you ever stray off point you can quickly come back to the main goal.

And prior to this (during the Action Plan phase) each chosen strategy has a single main objective attached to it – to ensure complete clarity.

Again it’s this dogged determination to make sure no stone is left unturned that sets us apart from the rest.


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