Business Growth Fundamental Articles

Social Proof

First what is ‘Social Proof’? Social Proof is basically a psychological trigger that’s inherent in all of us. It’s been present in the human race ever since we became humans! It centers on the fact that we basically just follow what others are doing – we follow along....

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The Moving Parade

Selling your products or services is all about timing. Just because someone isn’t interested in buying the product or service today, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be interested tomorrow. That is in essence what ‘The Moving Parade’ is all about. Let me explain...

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Laser Beam Focus

To get the best possible results with all your strategies across each of the Business Multipliers you must be laser focused on what each element in the sales process has to achieve for them. Unfortunately many people get confused and try to achieve more than one main...

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Lifetime Customer Value

One of the greatest mistakes most business owners make is to base all their results on the first sale. Here’s what I mean… Let’s say on the first sale a new customer pays you $1,000. Your gross margin after delivering your product/service is 50%, which means you make...

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The ‘3 Business Multipliers’

This concept is the number one reason why businesses aren’t as successful as they should be. Traditional marketing ignores using ALL ‘3 Business Multipliers SIMULTANEOUSLY. Each Business Multiplier is a crucial part of the ‘success jigsaw’ that determines the scale of...

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Target or Niche Market(s)

Whom do you market to? Who should you be marketing to? Are they the same? If so, was that planned? If they’re not the same, why aren’t they? These questions are critical to the success of any marketing program. You can have the very best product or service on the...

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John Callaghan, Customer Driven Marketing

Hi, I’m John Callaghan, founder of Customer Driven Marketing and creator of the Business Builder Master Plan. For over 15 years I’ve helped companies all over the world design and implement Customer Driven Marketing Strategies. (often referred to as Inbound Marketing)

I’ve recently decided to step back from work with clients one-on-one and focus on my workshop business. But I have a ton of great content that will help business owners who are struggling to understand the new world of marketing. I’ve created this blog to share this information with the world.