Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

If you’ve heard of the ‘Boy Scouts Code’ you’ll know one thing stands above all other things…

…Be Prepared…

If you’re not familiar with the Scouts I’ll give you another well used quote that implies the same reasoning…

“if you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail”

We truly believe in this statement.

I have a sporting analogy to explain this point further…

Steve, a friend of mine, used to play professional rugby for Leicester Tigers – one of the most successful rugby teams in Europe. Prior to each match on a Saturday afternoon, they would train 10 to 12 times between Monday and Friday.

They would watch numerous videos of their opponents. They would discuss tactics, which were closely aligned to their strengths and also focused on their opponent’s weaknesses. They had strict diets. They were told what they could drink and what they couldn’t drink. And they were told when to rest and when to sleep.

Preparation was a religion (and still is to them by the way). This amounted to approximately 6 whole days of preparation for an 80-minute match on a Saturday afternoon.

His team won 90% of their matches each season. They won the league and they won the knockout cup competitions.

How do you think they would have faired if they’d turned up to the match on a Saturday afternoon without all this preparation?

It goes without saying that you must be this clinical in your preparation if your business is to continually thrive and grow at the rate you want it to. Far too often we rush into doing things without planning and preparing. And then we wonder why our results were so poor.

Make no mistake – as long as you diligently prepare every strategy – you will be very successful.























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