Depending On Only One Marketing Method Can Spell Disaster For Your Business

There’s a real danger in having just one or two main methods of attracting new customers.

One of my consulting clients depended almost entirely on a telemarketing team to acquire leads for their salespeople to follow up with. When a well-funded competitor opened for business not far away, they hired nearly all that business’s telemarketing staff and nearly shut the business down. The business was nearly a total disaster.

When they called me in as a consultant I could see that we had to do something quick just to save the business. So we got to work and hired and trained a whole new telemarketing crew and got the business up and running again.

But then we looked at other marketing options and put together an effective direct-mail program, started a proactive referral-generating system, and worked out some joint ventures and host-beneficiary relationships with other complementary but non-competing businesses.

Now, if something happens to any one of their marketing methods they have other strategies or other “pillars” in place that can keep the business from collapsing…and keep it running smoothly.

So, what about your business? How can you apply this?

Well, why not start by going back and revisiting the questions I asked earlier. Then see if there are some areas that you need to improve in. And make sure you’re not dependent on only one or two main methods of attracting new customers.

New customers are important to your business. There’s no question. In fact, they’re vital… not only to the growth of your business, but to the very survival of the business.

And it’s critical that you have multiple systems in place to ensure that your business continues running… and growing… uninterrupted if anything unexpected happens.

Now, as important as getting more new customers is there are still three more methods you can use to grow your business. And each of these methods are more profitable, more effective, and can give you greater potential for leverage than the first method.

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