Adding Sizzle To The Steak: Transforming Features Into Benefits

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times. Everyone knows they should talk about benefits and not features, yet everyone persists with selling features.

The key is this…

People don’t buy features – they buy benefits or ‘what’s in it for me’. It therefore follows that in order to maximize your sales and profits, you’ll need to articulate the benefits of your products or services in a way that your prospects find irresistible (adding sizzle to the steak).

The good news is that despite what people think, this is relatively easy to do.

Just split your page into two with a line down the middle, and write all the features on the left, and all the corresponding benefits on the right of the page.

Turning features into benefits will take you no longer than an hour or so – is that too much to ask?

Let’s take two examples and show you how it’s done…

First, here are 4 features and the corresponding benefits of a desk top hole punch (if we can get four benefits out of a very basic inanimate object you should be able to get at least the same amount for your product or service!)…

Feature Benefit
Hole punch is made of hardened steel It will last forever. You will never have to buy another one as long as you live.
The base has a plastic cover The base collects all the punched out paper, which ensures your desk stays clean no matter how often the punch is used.
The base is removable


Once the punch is full you simply clip off the base and place the excess waste into your bin. Easy to empty and it leaves no mess.
The punch has a plastic guide for your paper Simply adjust the sturdy guide to the size of paper you want to punch. You get perfect results every time.

Here’s a similar exercise for accountancy practice…

Feature Benefit
Free advice line You can get proven business advice without paying for it!
A selection of services You choose the services that suit your specific circumstances – therefore you only pay for what you need and want. There’s no waste!
Open late on Wednesday’s


Come and see us after work for no extra charge. Perfect if you’re very busy or you just can’t get out of the office through the day. We make it easy for you!

Once you’ve done this, a good idea is then to write each benefit on a small postcard sized card so you can arrange them in order of importance, ready for all your marketing strategies!

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